Shaun is back to form and smashed this week with 19 points.

So where do we start with the news that Man £ity have quite rightly been convicted of cheating? The whole of the footballing world already knew it and now the whole of the world knows it. I don't want to say "I told you so" but "I told you so" and have been for some years. 

They will put up a fight and employ the best legal teams in the world in order to defend the undefendable. Sadly money talks and they could buy themselves out of trouble in the same way they have bought all the tarnished silverware. Rumours have it that they are looking to employ the same legal team that defended OJ Simpson.

Its good to see the fans getting behind the team and turning out in force to see the game against West Ham this week. Not.

If Pippa Guatimala thought the crowd was small two weeks ago he must be mortified after this game.

20 February 2020

Paul Lee

That clever chappy Paul Lee has pulverised everyone this week with his 23 points, which moves him up into 5th place.

A bad week for the top two Jack and Jo lets the chasing pack close the gap at the top.

And Pippa Guatimala says " I cannot undestand why we do not get big crowds".

Well its pretty simple really. Big Clubs get Big crowds, and small clubs get smaller crowds. Pudding!

03 February 2020

James Davis

James Davis has smashed this week with an incredible 23 points! He also pips Jack Lee to the Manager of the Month award by a single point (61 to Jack 60) £50.00 on its way. Thats now six different people who have won the award.

So Saracens have been told to hand back the trophies they won while breaching the salary cap rules, and quite rightly so. If you do not follow the rules that all the other teams follow you are cheating, full stop.

Does anyone else know of a team that has been winning trophies while cheating? Yes we all do. So hand your tarnished silverware back I say.



25 January 2020

Johanne Lee

Johanne is the only manager to hit double figures this week and closes the gap to Jack at the top.

Mike Gray joins the zero club

No change at the top in this very low scoring week.

19 January 2020

Mike Wilson

Mike Wilson is the top dog this week with 26 points.

Didd's is this weeks prize plonker and managed somehow to score only 10 points.

No change at the top as Jack further extends his lead over the chasing pack.

12 January 2020

Paul Lee

That funny, witty, clever chap Paul Lee is this week's top dog with 16 points. A very well done to him.

Paul Evans, Jess and Frosty all managed to score in single figures! Please try harder.

No change at the top as Jack Lee extends his lead to 12 points and Glyn closes the gap to second and is behind Johanne by a single point.

03 January 2020

Johanne Lee

Johanne Lee picks up the 5th "Manager of the Month" award. Well done Jo and £50.00 to you.

Paul Evans gets the highest score this week with 17 points. An impressive score considering it was a very low scoring week.

Dek's visit to the top 5 was short lived.

30 December 2019


Nicole has smashed this week with a great score of 17 points aided by correctly predicting Man Utd trouncing Newcastle. 

Not much change at the top apart from Dek moving into the top 5. Not sure who is helping him, but he is looking down the list to find Didds.

Well done to Johanne who was the only manager to predict the Red card for Man £ity as they crumbled at Wolves.

27 December 2019


Harry is this week's top dog and moves from 12th up to 4th. 

Shaun has a bit of a mare with 7 points this week which drops him down to 5th.

Jack Stays out front but the gap has closed.

Be careful for the games coming thick and fast over the next two weeks.

22 December 2019

Dave and John

What an incredible low scoring week with most cashballer's not making double figures, as only Liverpool and Spurs from the big clubs managed a win.

Dave and John somehow managed to score 14 points.

Nick Alpress booked his place into the Zero club (again)!!


17 December 2019


Derek has won the 'Manager of the Month' with 52 points, pipping Didds by a single point.

Jack Lee extends his lead at the top, in a week that was fairly easy to predict as all the top teams won.

James Davis, Ian Ryder and Mike Frost somehow managed to score in single figures. Christmas puddings spring to mind.

And well done to Man £ity for showing the whole world 'how not to behave' during their hammering at the weekend.

PS a quick update into the cheating investigation;

Financial Fair Play: Manchester City lose appeal to Cas over Uefa investigation


10 December 2019

Didds and Mike

Didds and Mike Wilson are this week's top manager's with 21 points. 

No change at the top although Jo Lee has moved back into the top 5 and Dek continues to scale the table.

All the big clubs won this week.

05 December 2019

Mike Gray

Mike Gray is the 'Top Dog' this week with 14 points, and was the only cashballer to get all his wins/losses correct.

Frosty (Mike Frost) moves into the top 5.

Jack stays out front but Shaun moves closer.

Keep an eye on the fixtures as they come thick and fast over this period. 


02 December 2019

Nick Alpress

Nick somehow manages to score a big fat ZERO.

James Caldwell has got off to a flyer in this new month with a whopping 18 points this week.

A very low scoring week all round as only Liverpool and Leicester of the title contending teams managed to win.

26 November 2019

Jessica Lee

Jessica Lee picks up the "Manager of the month" award. Well done Jedi.£50.00 on its way.

Mike Frost is this weeks top dog with an impressive 18 points. Well done Frosty.

Didd's some how manages to score the lowest this week with a terrible 6 points and is now closer to the bottom than the top. 

Man £ity slump to 4th in the league. 


11 November 2019

Jack Lee

Jack Lee is alone at the top with 162 points overall.

Harry Lee is this week's top manager with an impressive 15 points.

And Nick Alpress is the lowest scorer with a puny 6 points. Sort it out Nick!

04 November 2019

Jessica Lee

Jess is this week's top manager with an impressive 19 points.

Jess's grandad John McNiff continues his free fall with the joint lowest score of the week 6 points.

Jack Lee returns to the top alongside Glyn.

Only 2 points seperate the top 4.

29 October 2019


Its all change at the top as Glyn takes sole charge of the summit. Well done Glyn

A great week for Johanne, Jessica and Dek who all scored top points of 20. Well done to you as well.

Well done to Man City who have picked up another fine. Eufa has fined the club for their fans appalling behaviour during the Dinamo Zegreb game. Class act by £ity again.

22 October 2019

Andy Wareham

Andy Wareham smashes this week with 13 points which also gives him the 2nd "Manager of the Month" prize. A massive well done Andy.

No change at the top with Jack sitting on top of the pile but this week joined by Shaun. Well done boys.

John McNiff continues to tumble from the top of the pile and is now clinging on to 5th position. Well done John.

And now a very reluctant well done to Liverpool for winning the Premiership title for the very first time.Their only real rival in the billion Euro team has crumbled. Some would say "the Wolves are at the door" for Pippa!!

06 October 2019


Glyn slams in an impressive 21 points and is manager of the week. This also moves Glyn into the top 5.

We have a new leader as Jack moves level with John on 113 points but goes top on count back rule.

01 October 2019

Johanne Lee

Johanne is this weeks manageress of the week with the top score of 23.

John stays out front but now only 3 points seperate the top 4.

James Davis somehow managed to get in single figures and with only 6 points is this weeks prize pudding.

Welcome back to Dave Barber. He always was a latecomer!!

23 September 2019

John McNiff

John stays out in front with Jack closing the gap to just 2 points. Well done Jack and John.

Well done also to Man £ity for assembling the world's first billion-euro sqad. Money well spent!!

A man City fan goes into a pet shop and asks for something cheap. How about a canarie says the shop keeper.

16 September 2019

First Monthly prize

John McNiff holds on and is the first "Manager of the Month". Well done John.

Glyn is this weeks top scorer with 23 points. Well done Glyn.

Mike Gray is the only cashballer to get all his wins/losses right. Well done Mike.

Paul Evans is the only cashballer to get max bonus points (12), brilliant effort well done Paul.

Remember scores are set back to zero for the next monthly prize.

02 September 2019

John McNiff

John is still out in front going into the final week of the first month. 

Harry Lee is hot on his heel's.

25 August 2019

John McNiff

John stays out in front at the half way stage of the first month.

John (£ity fan) has asked for an update as to where £ity are in the current investigations into cheating. So here goes;

2014 found guilty of cheating FFP. Fined, squad restriction and tranfer cap as punishment.

2017 found guilty of illegal approaches of academy players. Fined and banned from signing players as punishment.

2019 found guilty of international tranfer rules. Fined as punishment.

2019 Currently under investigation by FIFA, UEFA and FA for ongoing cheating offences.

What price success? Well any price it seems.

20 August 2019

Great start

Hello and welcome back. An easy start to the season and with all the top clubs and Man City winning it was a high scoring week.

Sitting at the top are Harry and John with top scores of 25 points. Well done you two.

Harry Jets off to California next week to start a 4 year soccer scholarship. So good luck to Harry who becomes our first internatioal cashballer.

Sitting plumb last are James and Mike on 14 points!!

13 August 2019

New season

Hello and welcome back. The new season is almost upon us. Get in touch with myself or Didd's if you have any questions.

18 June 2019
Jack Lee 341
Johanne Lee 324
Glyn Norcliffe 318
Ian Ryder 318
Paul Lee 315
Week 26
Shaun Rowarth 19
Harry Lee 17
Paul Evans 17
Colin is a sheep 16
Ian Ryder 16
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